Review of Holmes Air Purifier Tower

Holmes Air Purifier Tower

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Holmes Air Purifier Mini Tower with True HEPA Filter

This is an awesome product. I love this little machine. This is a thin tower and sits out of site on a shelf. I keep mine on the on top of a shelf just above head level. It comes with 2 filters to it. The first one is washable and catches the bigger particles that fly around and the 2nd one is not washable and catches most everything else. The filter should be replaced at least for me about every 4 months but I have used it up to 6 with no noticeable difference.

It operates quietly, and that isn’t to say you can’t hear it, but a small fan or ceiling fan would be noisier. It has 3 speeds to it and even on high it isn’t that bad. I hardly ever notice it is even running. There is also a switch to turn on the ionizer to freshen the air. It says it is recommended for rooms up to 85 sq. ft., but the room I use it in is probably closer to 150 sq. ft. and it works great.

It comes with a cord that is roughly 6 ft. and is very durable and the purifier measures roughly a little over a foot tall 6 ½ inches wide and just less than 10 inches deep. This makes it ideal for putting almost anywhere. Just make sure there is some space left on all sides for air circulation and not to close to the wall as it needs to suck the air in.

It pulls the allergens in and sends out fresh air and I have noticed a big difference using it. I have allergies to pet


dander and I have two small dogs of my own and one large husky that shed like crazy that live with me and I noticed an improvement in the air in a matter of hours.

Air Purifier

The back of it pops off really easy so that you can clean the washable filter, which is located in the back panel that you take off; just make sure it is dry before you use your machine the next time. It has large pores so it does dry fairly quickly. The other filter is right there, just pop it out and replace it as needed. You’ll be able to tell when they need replaced. There are grooves that line up and make it easy to install. Pop the back on and you’re set to go. I have had to clean the washable filter out two or three times before I replaced the other one as it traps the larger things that come in first.

Wal-Mart and Holmes website both give this little purifier a 4.5 and 4.6 respectively. There are a few complaints of it getting louder over time or that is loud to start with and if that is the case, when you pu

Air Purifier

rchase it and it is loud there just might be a problem with that one. They are not all like that. Sometimes what people don’t understand is things happen, one could have gotten dropped or something could have happened during manufacturing. With anything that has wires and cords or any type of electronics, dropping, shaking or even bumping just right can cause things to shake loose. Even the bumpy ride to get it to your store could cause an issue. Just take it back to the store and try a new one.

Lots of people say that they like it best when they turned it on, left a while and came back that they noticed a big difference in the air quality.

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I would highly recommend this product to others. Air purifiers, even if you get this one, a smaller one or the great big ones, they are a tremendous help in clearing the air of allergens, any time of the year.

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