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Holmes Desktop Air Purifier

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Holmes Desktop Air Purifier with Visipure Filter Viewing Window


Holmes Desktop Air Purifier

Now I haven’t had this one very long, but I really like it as well. If you go on the Wal-Mart website you will see that it is listed as a two speed when in fact it is a 3 speed. This one is a little louder than the other one on high speed; it’s not too bad though more like a box fan. It is supposed to remove 99% of airborne particle such as pollen, dust, mold, pet dander and smoke. So far it seems to preform just as good as the other one that I have and reviewed. HEPA-type filter captures particles very small.

It is a short and more compact than the tower purifier I reviewed earlier. It is a mere 9 inches tall just of over a foot wide and less than 8 inches in length. The size makes it pretty easy to find a place for this powerful little purifier. It comes with a cord just over 6 ft. in length. Unlike the tower fan I reviewed, this one pulls allergens from the front of it and releases the air up out the top of the machine.

There is a visipure filter window for viewing the filter to see when it is time to change it and also has a filter reminder setting so you don’t have to worry about it. There are 3 speeds and an ionizer switch to assist in keeping the air fresh and pure. Uses an aer1 filter enhanced with Arm & Hammer baking soda to help eliminate odors.

The filter door is in the front of the machine and you just open it up and pull out the old filter and pop in a new one and your set to go. This one also has a two filter system with the other one being in the panel that you open. Just make sure it is completely dry before running your purifier.

The recommended room size is up to 132 sq. ft. room. My room is smaller and this product has been performing very well. I have it set on my nightstand to help get rid of the dog dander while I sleep. I love having a small fan on me at night and this is perfect because I know that it is blowing purer air in my face while I sleep instead of all the stuff you breathe in from a regular fan.

The Wal-Mart and Holmes website only gave this one a 4.2 but it also doesn’t seem like there were a lot of reviews for this product on Holmes site although Wal-Mart’s had close to 90 reviews. I still think this is a good product and haven’t had an issue yet, but I have only used it a few months and will try to up

Holmes Desktop Air Purifierdate this post after I have used it 6 months and let you know.

I do not smoke in the house, but my clothes still have the smell and putting them in the same room with this I can’t even smell the smoke and I don’t see dust flying around when the sunlight shines through the window. This is a very good product and I am very happy with to be using it and would highly recommend it to people with allergies, animals or just have a stale odor in the air that you just can’t get rid of.



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