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Sleep Number Pillow

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Sleep Number Pillow


I recently received a sleep number pillow, for free through a site called Smiley360, and all I had to do was visit a sleep number store play around on some awesome beds and figure out what my perfect sleep number would be. Well it’s 36 for me. Once I got the pillow in the mail about 3 weeks later, I was to try it out for a while and give them an honest review and post it and a few pictures of me with it to my social media accounts. Easy peasy for me to do and I love to write and getting an awesome pillow for free is a bonus.

Let me just say that I LOVE my new pillow. I received the Classic Comfort Fit Pillow.

They say that it is a blend of memory foam pieces and premium down alternative fibers. It’s a pillow that recovers its shape night after night. Breathable Lyocell blend cover is luxuriously soft and soothing. The entire pillow is hypoallergenic for allergen sensitive sleepers.


Start of my journey


To start with, I went to the Sleep Number Store, I didn’t like that it was a couple towns over and had to go about 40 minutes down the freeway, but it was a fun day. I got to the store and looked around. I had heard of the beds and seen them on TV, but never went to the stores, they are one of those things that are way out of my price range. But all in all it was a fun experience. The salesman was very friendly and helpful. I didn’t even have to explain why I was there, he knew all about the program I was doing. He showed me some beds and told me my number was a #36 which is a pretty soft bed. Then he didn’t have the exact pillow I was going to get, which was kind of a bummer, but I got to see pictures of it and try out some other ones that they carry.

After that, I went out for lunch, did an only review of the store and the wonderful salesman that had helped me, spent some time window shopping and then went back to my house and did my Smiley reviews for their site, and I just had to tell others. It was a fun day over all. Now I had to patiently wait for the promotion to get to the shipping day for my pillow to get here. I had a hard time waiting for it. It didn’t take as long as they said it would to get here. It was supposed to be mailed about the 22nd of February and I got it on the 20th.


Yay my pillow is here


When it arrived at my door it was a large plastic bag package, I almost didn’t open it right away because I had a headache and was just going to wait until I felt better, but I figured I would just do it now, I had been looking forward to it for a month now, so I opened it up and found it was in a very nice breathable zipper bag with a handle, so the bag can be used to store the pillow when you’re not using it, like that is ever happen, or you could store other things in it. I am going to use it probably to store some bedding in.


The pillow

Me and my pillow

It is so soft, I couldn’t believe it, makes me sad to actually put a pillow case on it. The pillow is a very good size; it measures roughly 24in x 18in x 7in in the center tapering down to about half an inch. Did I mention soft, yes it is, I love it. I pushed on it a few times, bent it and played with it and it sprang right back. I decided to just try it on the couch, so I laid down on it for a minute to try it out and take a picture, well when I woke up two hours later, I started to play with it some more. Yes I fell right to sleep and when I woke up, my headache was gone. I was so happy. The Pillow is white, with a puffy outer case and a brown piece running around the outer seam. It is really thicker than I care for at 7 inches, but that could be that I have never had a good pillow before and might take some getting used to. But even with not liking that part of it, I have slept very well with it.


So they Pros & Cons of this pillow






  • Large pillow at 24”x18”x7”
  • Soft as can be to sleep on
  • Conforms to your head and neck
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft
  • Weight is about 2-3 pounds








  • Can’t be washed, spot cleaned only
  • Doesn’t come with a removable cover.
  • It’s kind of higher priced, at $89.99 value

I think that is all I can say about it being bad, I would definitely like to have a second one, but I can’t afford that price for a pillow. I have been fighting my grandkids for it since I opened it. My littlest granddaughter thinks it is hers and I constantly have to get it back. I do not have a desk/office area at the moment and so I use a TV tray for my computer at the couch. I have found that this pillow works really well putting it behind my back, not only does it push me forward a bit to sit close enough to my computer, it also comforts my back and molds to it so I feel like I am sitting against a really nice office chair. I have been using my pillow for work and sleep. Like I said I love this pillow.




If you ever get the chance, go to a Sleep Number store and try out the different pillows and beds that they have, if you can afford something there, I would say go for it. When I was there, I was told queen beds started at about $800. If you would like the opportunity to try testing product for doing a company a small favor, like visiting a store, then go to sign up and you could test products in return for your honest review of the product, even if you don’t like it, just be honest. They need to know what people think in order to make things better. You can follow them on social media sites and they do all kinds of fun things and have great products to try. I have only been a member since the end of last year and got chosen to do a sleep number test. I just missed the M&M’s it was ending when I joined, but they do live stuff on fb, twitter parties and more.

Written By

Lynda Y

I am the mother of 4 grown children that I am proud of and 6 beautiful grandchildren. I have the love and support of my wonderful soulmate Brian. He stands by me no matter how hard I am to handle and for that I am eternally grateful. With his encouragement and support it has pushed me to want to do better and has encouraged me in my writing and wanting to help others. I am a beginning blogger on allergies and a product reviewer. I write my blog because when I was diagnosed with allergies, I had no help on what I was to do. I want this to be a place people can discuss and learn together how to ease the burden of the allergy seasons, whether it is seasonal, indoor, outdoor or food and lucky me, I have some of each. I love the 80's, gardening, crafts and cooking. I enjoy DIY projects and taking things that others would throw out and making useful again. I enjoy going to the beach and relaxing or camping in the woods. I love the great outdoors, football and most of all I LOVE and am very PROUD of our US MILITARY men and women.

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  1. oh I’m on the market for a new pillow and just reading what you said about your pillow makes me want to head out and find out my sleep number too.

    That’s such an interesting concept and perhap why I havent had much luck with pillows is because I just buy whichever sounds the best on the pack without trying! Will be following in your footsteps and heading to a sleep number store!

    1. Glad you hear. I didn’t think I would like it when I saw how thick it was, been using it a few days now and I am in heaven. I won’t even think about going back to the other brands anymore. 

      I was the same, just grab one and hope for the best, they’re all the same right?? NO. 

      The stores have different types, shapes and fillings and you can try them there. The store was a fun experience and lots of great products. 

      hope you find your perfect pillow, good luck


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