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Icky GermsHello and welcome to the daily living with allergies site. I am here to give insight on some allergy issues that I have had to deal with and to give my support. Along with tips and tricks that have helped me along the way. I am in no way a professional or a medical person, I have just had to deal with allergies and have done research into them. There will be ways that I reuse items to help around the house, post some of my favorite recipes and to hook you up with some wonderful bloggers on what they have learned over the years. Also, I plan on posting reviews of products that I try or have tried over the years. I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with everyone and getting to know people and what they are dealing with.

ALLERGY VS INTOLERANCE: In my life I handle allergies and intolerance to food the same. Because what my body may be intolerant to now, may turn into an allergy later and I would rather just avoid that. There is a difference in the two although some do not know this. An ALLERGY is an immune system reaction that can affect numerous parts of the body and the organs. It can cause a lot of symptoms from a simple rash, runny nose or a sneeze to the severe or life threatening reaction. Whereas an INTOLERANCE is generally not as severe and usually only involves the digestive system.

I gladly welcome feedback, we can not learn and grow without it. Good or bad makes no difference to me. I will try to answer emails and comments as quickly as I possibly can. All I ask is that you please respect me, my site and fellow readers. Please do not attack others or use foul language. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we should all learn to respect that. Anyone that would like to share I would love to hear from you.

Allergies are hard to deal with and no to people have the same reaction or same issue. Two people may have the same allergy, but what works for one may not work for another. Many people that see an allergist, take their paper home and leave it at that and avoid what’s on the list. That is what I did to start with too, big mistake on my part. I wasn’t feeling better. You see I found out that I had allergies to trees, animals, fungus, mold, yeast, certain foods and a few weeds. Well I had no idea what the weeds were or even looked like, let alone when I had to worry about the season they would affect me, so I started reading and more reading. Google became my best friend, but as with the anything on the internet, you have to be cautious and use a lot for guidelines to get you started. Do research on you allergy, find the resources you need. I found a good site called foodallergy.org they are called FARE, food allergy research and education. A great site to learn about allergies.

There are 8 major allergens that manufacturers worry about listing on food labels, only 8, but you could be allergic to anything. So if you have an allergy or even an intolerance to certain items you have to investigate, look for the tricky words that they go by and how they sneak into you food. Take for example, I have a mold allergy. I used to think that I couldn’t be around just mold, but I found out through research that some medicines are made from mold spores, think penicillin. You have to watch for that and let you doctor know. Also, a simple product that is put in tons of food as a preservative could endanger someones life. That product, Citric Acid. In the production of food, citric acid doesn’t even have to me made with real citric acid anymore, to costly, it is man made and it is made with Aspergillus niger and fungi that are fed sugar to promote a yeast, these sugars come from corn, molasses, corn starch or other cheap sugars. Aspergillus niger is non other than black mold and most have heard how toxic that is. The manufacturer says that mold is filtered out, but there is no way to guarantee that there isn’t traces there. So if you have allergies to Corn, Molasses, mold or fungus, then citric acid could be an issue that you may not even know about. Go to google, type in citric acid with mold and you get thousands of results. Wiki is a little less reliable for me, but I use it as starting points and it gives good reference sites at the end to go to.

Sugar is another example of people not being given all the facts. Sugar also converts to yeast once it gets into you system so if you have a yeast allergy then sugar is only going to make it worse. http://sugarscience.ucsf.ed u/hidden-in-plain-sight/#.WnqWo_mnHIU says that sugar can go by at least 61 different names and that labels for sugar do not distinguish between real or natural sugars. https://www.prevention.com/ Prevention also lists 57 of the names with places you can find them hidden and says there could be as many as 78 with hidden names.

Allergies don’t always affect the same area of the body and no two are alike, but one thing that is important to help fight them is drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated to keep your mucus from building up and becoming to thick and get plenty of rest. It gives your body a chance to help fight and while your asleep it lets you recharge. My allergy season is year round, and winter is a tough time with allergies and being cooped up indoors. So with staying hydrated and a good nights rest, a humidifier will also help put moisture back into the air from having the windows closed and the heaters going for months. You don’t even have to go out and spend a lot of money on humidifiers, make a pot of tea, use a pan on the stove and when you use the water, leave the pan on the burner to cool down and it will continue to add moister as it cools. I have a hot pot, I just leave the lid off the whole time. When you take a shower leave the door open either while you shower or right after if the other isn’t an option and it will get moisture into the rest of the house.

Icky Germs

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Lynda Y

I am the mother of 4 grown children that I am proud of and 6 beautiful grandchildren. I have the love and support of my wonderful soulmate Brian. He stands by me no matter how hard I am to handle and for that I am eternally grateful. With his encouragement and support it has pushed me to want to do better and has encouraged me in my writing and wanting to help others. I am a beginning blogger on allergies and a product reviewer. I write my blog because when I was diagnosed with allergies, I had no help on what I was to do. I want this to be a place people can discuss and learn together how to ease the burden of the allergy seasons, whether it is seasonal, indoor, outdoor or food and lucky me, I have some of each. I love the 80's, gardening, crafts and cooking. I enjoy DIY projects and taking things that others would throw out and making useful again. I enjoy going to the beach and relaxing or camping in the woods. I love the great outdoors, football and most of all I LOVE and am very PROUD of our US MILITARY men and women.

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